If a lumberjack falls in the forest and no one is around to hear, does he make a sound?

A young lumberjack, helping to solve a gruesome murder mystery, must survive both the real perils and legendary horrors of logging lore.

Told in Gothic Horror style, this story takes the creatures of tall tales told in lumberjack shacks and turns them into horrifying monsters protecting their mysterious home in one of the last remaining old growth forests of the Great Lakes: the Elk-like Hugag becomes a creature made of ancient pine. The combustible Gumberoo becomes a massive, primordial bear whose tar-like skin, while impenetrable, will explode upon contact with a mere spark. And our chief antagonists, the tree-creeping Argopelters, from which the title comes, hurl wood splinters and ‘widow makers” from high. Coupled with the dangers of river logjams, falling timber and forest fire, our lumberjacks will face a dangerous, horrifying adventure.

Big Rapids

Paul Bunyan-esque professional lumberjack who is the source of many of his own tall tales.


Idyllic young man who leaves his family farm for the romanticized adventures of logging in Michigan’s northern forests.


Hunter and trapper employed by a saw and lumber company to rid a logging camp of a monstrous menace.

Bad Axe Bill

Seasoned logger familiar with lumberjack lore critical to all of their survival.

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Illustrations by Tadd Galusha.


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Illustration by Charlie Utting.